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What Size Rental Vehicle Do You Really Need?

For the upcoming move, it is crucial that you rent a vehicle in which you can fit all the necessities and items you will be moving. However, deciding on the size of the moving vehicle can be rather complicated, and this article can help you find an answer.

The first thing you should do is look at your options since different rental companies offer different vehicles. If you are interested, you can check out the vehicles at Self Move Hire or talk to your local renting company and ask them what they have to offer instead. You should not have problems if you choose a reputable provider, keep that in mind.

Different renting companies offer different vehicles

Rental vehicle sizes

One of the simplest ways to choose a vehicle of appropriate size is to eliminate the possibility that does not exist in your situation. This means that if you have chosen a Budget Truck, then you will only have a couple of sizes available, and there are not that many options in general. Almost 95% of people who are relocating chose their moving company based on their location and their prices.

The golden rule – if you are ever unsure of the size you will need, it is always better to choose a bigger option. This applies mostly to those who will be moving a long distance and where having multiple trips will not be an option.

Rental trucks for small moves

Smaller rental trucks or vans should mostly be used for local moves. Consider renting a 10’ to 12’ truck if you have a small bedroom apartment with not that much stuff/furniture or you have a studio. In most cases, a larger truck or a medium sized one will cost the same or even less than a small truck or van, so make sure to check out the local prices before you decide to pick a random moving vehicle.

Appropriate rental vehicles for small homes and apartments

Moving trucks that are between 14’ to 17’ are most commonly rented, but you can also consider other options; for example, you can hire UTE and van vehicles from Go With The Gecko, as well as other vehicles that are offered. However, keep in mind that the14’-17’ trucks tend to be the cheapest available.

Medium rented vehicle sizes are best used for 1-2 bedroom apartments together with smaller homes. This size is not recommended to anyone who has over 1200 SqFt of living space, for obvious reasons. For medium rental trucks, the fuel economy tends to be about 8-11 MPG.

You can have your rented vehicle pick up items from bigger stores

For single family and townhomes

The usual sizes of rental vehicles for this size are between 20’-26’ inches, and all of them will require diesel fuel. Remember to consider the cost difference of diesel fuel when talking about your budget. These trucks are great if you have a lot of items and you can also travel with them.

Are you still not sure?

Choosing a rental vehicle of appropriate size for moving can be quite a task, and in some cases, the employees can come over and check out your furniture to see which size will fit you best. However, you have other online articles that can also help you with this task.

Final word

If you are planning to do all the loading and packing yourself, as well as driving, then you should opt for a bigger rental vehicle. Professional movers have trained to use the space correctly, which is not something everyone is good at; so better be safe than sorry!

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