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Tired of Public Transport? Try Car Hire

London’s public transport system provides an accessible way to get around the city, but we’ve all experienced the frustration and discomfort of hot, crowded and delayed journeys. More often than not it can really put a negative spin on your day, and it’s certainly the last thing you need when you’ve finally finished work and you’re just trying to get home. So what can you do about it?

Is Commuting By Car Realistic?

Unfortunately, London is not the most practical city in which to own a car. With soaring house and rent prices, the majority of Londoners are pretty strapped for cash as it is, without having to worry about MOTs, congestion charges and road tax. Whilst the luxury of owning a vehicle is very appealing, it’s simply not an attainable reality for your average Londoner.

Car rental could provide one solution, giving you the freedom to leave home when you want and avoid that daily race for the early morning train. It’s a far more relaxing start to your day, and beats sitting (or more likely standing) on public transport with a hoard of grumpy commuters.

Take a Weekend Break

Understandably, commuting by car doesn’t work for all of us, and not everyone can afford a long-term hire. But fear not – all hope is not lost! You can still take the chance to get away from it all by taking a short break by car over the weekend. There are many options for car rental in central London, and more often than not it’s cheaper than you might expect.

With many of the UK’s other major cities less than 3 hours’ drive from London, it’s easy to escape the capital. Even better, with Kent and Sussex less than one hour’s drive away, beautiful countryside lies right on your doorstep. In little more than the time it takes to complete your daily commute, you could be enjoying Brighton Beach or riding a roller-coaster at Margate’s Dreamland. The freedom of having a car allows you to take control of your weekends and explore beyond the bubble of the capital.

Take the Wheel

Whether you’re sick of public transport, moving house, or just want to get away from it all for the weekend, car rental can be a stress-free alternative to facing the stampede at Euston or Victoria. Many companies have options to deliver the car right to your front door, and will even collect it at the end of the rental period, meaning you don’t even need to step outside your house to have the open road at your fingertips. So why not give it go and take the wheel today?

Car hire has never been more affordable and with online solutions, selecting an affordable provider is an easy task. There is a wide range of quality vehicles available and by booking early, you can be sure to reserve the ideal vehicle for your needs.

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