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Managing Technicians Work With Tekmetric Auto Shop Software

You might have the best technicians in the world, but sometimes managing the work they do can be quite difficult. Auto shop software will enhance the productivity of your workforce on so many levels. The system will allow your staff to spend more time on tasks that will add value to your company.


As you are probably aware, it is normal for the technician to handwrite job recommendations and then deliver them to the service advisor. The service advisor then handwrites pricing information such as parts and labor costs, they then contact the customer to get approval before assigning the job to a technician. When this process is handled through the auto shop software all requirements are forwarded through the system enabling clear and transparent communication between the technician and the service advisor. The recommended services are created through an inbuilt parts and labor guide interface. The approval process is also handled by the software and the information is immediately made available to the technicians.


When prioritizing work outside the auto shop software, it is common practice to use the bin method for assigning work. Paperwork is placed in the bins in order of priority. This method leads to reduced visibility, which means there is a possibility that jobs can get mixed up and not handled in the correct order. When prioritization is handled by the auto shop software, the system provides all employees with real time visibility so that everyone has access to the order that jobs need to be done in.

Work assignment

A typical method of providing information to technicians is to put the paperwork associated with the work assignment into the mechanics work draw. When they are ready to start working on the job, the information is removed from the draw. This method does not allow visibility. For instance, in the unfortunate event that the technician has a back log of work due to their inefficiency, a delay is not realized until a customer calls and asks for the progress on their vehicle.

The auto shop software assigns work to technicians, it also assigns deadlines for all projects. When a deadline is not met, this information is automatically sent to management who will then investigate why the work has not been completed.

Managing your employees effectively is essential, they are the lifeblood of your organization. It is your responsibility to make sure that the work environment is as efficient as possible so that the productivity of your staff is high. Software is a great way of managing and getting the best out of your employees.

You can try out Tekmetric auto shop software free of charge for the rest of 2018. You don’t have to sign a contract, there are no hidden fees, and neither will you have to pay a cancellation fee if you decide that the software is not what your company needs. A free trial of this length is a good way to measure the benefits of a product before making a financial investment.

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