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Best budget bikes in India

India’s two-wheeler market is the second in the world. The riders in this country prefer buying bikes that are pocket-friendly. In fact, 90 percent of these bikes cost below Rs 60000. But why do Indians opt to use these budget bikes? Simple, because of its favourable Hero bikes prices.

The concept of budget bikes was first introduced by the Hero Honda. This bike became the bestselling bike in entire India after its launching. Interestingly, the causes of this higher uptake weren’t solely because of its efficiency, No but because it is highly affordable and boasts of a low maintenance cost.

  1. Hero CD Deluxe

This is the cheapest motorcycle in India. It’s currently priced at INR 39,000. The Hero CD Deluxe has a 1000cc engine that powers it. The engine is able to deliver an efficient and efficient performance that maintains a higher fuel efficiency.

  1. Bajaj Platina 100Cc

The Bajaj Platina is one of the best fuel economic motorcycles. Although the bike has taken a back seat in light of other modern bikes. These include Pulsar and Discover. If you are looking for a higher mileage this is your best bike.

With this bike, you will achieve a mileage of 72kmpl. You can get this bike at a rate of IRN 43110.

  1. Hero passion

If you love a modern look in your bike, this is your best bet. The features of this bike include an alloy of wheels and the front disk brakes at the top. With this bike, you will get a mileage of 55kmpl.

The bike costs around IRN 46,000.

  1. Bajaj Discover 100

The Bajaj Discover is among the most selling bike in the entire country. All these thanks to its variant 100cc entry variant. Bajaj Discover is currently priced at INR 46,000. Its distinct performance and stylish makes most bike lovers to take note of this bike. This bike is capable of delivering a 55kmpl mileage.

  1. Hero Splendor

Hero splendour is among the bestselling motorcycles across the globe. Its reliable, strong build and good mileage make it the best pick for Indians who want to buy these motorcycles. The favourable hero bikes prices, wide service networks, huge sales volume can be viewed as the main reason behind the success of this bike.

You can acquire one at a rate of IRN 43000. Hero splendour offers a mileage of 55kmpl.

  1. TVS Sport

TVS didn’t have much to say in offering budget bike segments after discontinuing the Victor. However, after the arrival of TVS Sport, the model can have a say now among the budget bikes. Here, you’ll require INR 49000 to acquire this bike. Its aerodynamic designs help this bike to attain a mileage of 58kpml.

  1. Suzuki Hayate

Hayate is among the latest bikes from Suzuki. Its promotional campaign that features Salman Khan has been very popular. With this motorcycle, you are able to achieve a mileage of 55kmpl on road.

You will need to exercise caution when choosing any of these bikes.

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